Is ‘the fold’ still a thing in today’s scrolling and skimming culture?

Search results:

  • According to Google (based on the latest study I could find): ads appearing above the fold had a 73% visibility, whereas those below it had just 44%. A dramatic difference.
  • According to Chitika, after analyzing over 22 million impressions, ads placed over the fold showed 44% higher click rate than those placed below.
  • HubSpot’s research showed that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.
  • MarketingSherpa study (with eye-tracking heat maps) found that ads placed above the fold were seen by 60% of users, while ads below the fold were seen by only 25%.
  • 12% of Google’s search queries include featured snippets (source).
  • Many search queries show videos or images before the links.
  • And of course: Ads.
  • 34.4% of all desktop searches result in ‘no click’ (source).
  • 62.5% of all mobile searches result in ‘no click’ (source).


  • In 2010, 80% of the users viewing time was spent above the fold.
  • In 2018 that number was dramatically changed to 57% (source).

Check out the best of the mobile spoon.

App Stores:

  • 60% of visitors don’t scroll beyond the fold of each product page (source: Storemaven).
  • Only 40% of visitors swipe past the first 2 screenshots (source: iOS App Templates).
  • Only 13% of visitors scroll through the full list of app screenshots (source: AppAgent).
  • Less than 4% of visitors tap on the screenshots to enlarge (source: AppAgent).


Practical Tips

  1. Navigation elements and search
  2. Main visual element (hero image and logo)
  3. Main headers (main text, explainer copy) — designed to capture the visitors’ attention and motivate them to further explore the page/app
  4. CTA button
  5. Visual hints that more content exists below the fold (to encourage scrolling)
  6. For pages with endless content (i.e. social feed) — the beginning of the content has to begin over the fold
  7. For e-commerce website or app, make sure to include the following: special offers, recent orders and basket/checkout links
  8. For a product page, include the price, rating summary and product photo(s)



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