How to prepare your data for user segmentation — tips for early-stage startups

1. Collect as much data as possible

2. Make sure it’s all in one place

3. Demographic data:

Why is it important?

4. When did they join?

Why is it important?

5. What’s the source of those users?

  • Was it organic or paid acquisition?
  • If it’s paid — what channel was it?
  • If it’s social — what social network was it and what was the campaign?
  • If it’s a user invite — who sent the invitation?

Why is it important:

6. Behavioral data

Why is it important?

7. Inferred data:




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Gil Bouhnick

Gil Bouhnick

CoFounder and CTO at Missbeez. Playing at the intersection of technology, design and users. Creating products for 20 years. Owner of